Biota and Environment of Natural Areas


Issue 1

Malyutin A.N. Evaluation of effectiveness of marine and coastal protected areas management

Kharin V.E. Annotated catalogue of amphibians and reptiles (Amphibia, Reptilia) of the Far-Еastern Marine Biosphere Reserve FEB RAS

Korkishko R.I. Adventive component of the flora of the Reserve "Кedrovaya Pad"

Perepelkina P.A., Dubrovina M.V. , Vozmischeva A.S. Spatial structure of broad-chernopihtovyh of Nature Reserve "Kedrovaya Pad"

Savinov I.A. A new data on diagnostic characters and distribution of some species of the Euonymus L. (Celastraceae R.Br.) from Russian Far East

Kepel A.A. Intertidal macrobenthos of Furugelm Island (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan) in the winter conditions

Lebedev E.B., Vyshkvartsev D.I. The species composition and distribution of benthic communities in Minonosok Bay (Posyet Bay, Sea of Japan). Transections 3 and 4

Epur I.V. , Balanov A.A. Species composition of ichthyoplankton of the Eastern part of the Far East Marine Biosphere Reserve in May and July, 2008

Markevich A.I. Impact of water temperature and depth on breeding of fishes – sea raven Hemitripterus villosus and Japan sea greenling Pleurogrammus azonus in the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve

Kepel A.A. Winter Avifauna of the South Region of the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve

Skripova K.V. , Maslov M.V. Early spring behavior of the Himalayan bear (U. thibetanus) in Nature Reserve "Ussurisky" FEB RAS

Tyurin A.N. The methods of bioindication of the marine environment quality

Gulbin V.V., Markevich A.I. First finding of representative of subfamily Onchidiopsinae Golikov et Gulbin, 1990 (Gastropoda: Velutinidae)

Kharchenko V.A. New appointment Aegithalos caudatus magnus in South Primorye (Ussuri reserve)

Shibneva I.V., Shibneva S.Y. New findings of Cacile edentula (Brassicaceae) in the South of Russian Far East