Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Short Guides for Authors

The journal embraces scientific studies of Specially Nature Protected Areas. Scientific fields: general biology, zoology, botany, ecology, embryology, genetics, microbiology, physiology of plants, meteorology, oceanology, hydrology of land, hydrogeology, geology, lithology, physical geography, soil sciences, hunting and hunting management, forestry, biological resources of the World Ocean and inland waters, history, archaeology, ethnography, aquaculture and fish farming, research methods, techniques and equipment.

The manuscript should contain the Title of the article, the initials and surnames of the authors, the name of the institutions in which they work, Abstract of the article, Key-words, the Text of the article with subheadings Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References. Files of illustrations. Format A4, font Times New Roman, 12 PT, interval 1.5.

Reference List Examples:
Book: Doss, G., 2003, IS Project Management Handbook, Aspen Publishers, New York. 200 p.
Chapter from the book with the editor: Howard, S., 1998, 'Verbal Protocol Analysis', in B. Henderson-Sellers, A. Simons and H. Younessi (eds.), The Open Process Specification, pp. 272-274, Addison Wesley, Sydney.
Article in a journal: Kozulin, A., 1993, 'Literature as a psychological tool', Educational Psychologist 28(3), 253-265.
Published Conferences, seminars and meetings: Eidenberger, H., Breiteneder, C. & Hitz, M., 2002, 'A Framework for Visual Information Retrieval', in S-K. Chang, Z. Chen & S-Y.Lee (eds.), Recent advances in visual information systems: 5th International conference, VISUAL 2002 proceedings, Hsin Chu, Taiwan, March 11-13, 2002, pp. 105-116, Academic Press, New York.
World Wide Web, Identifiable, personal author: Arch, A. & Letourneau, C., 2002, 'Auxiliary Benefits of Accessible Web Design', in W3C Web Accessibility initiative, viewed 26 February 2004, from
For other examples and explanations, see the Library page of this site, Appendix 3с.

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All manuscripts will be subjected to peer review before acceptance.

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