Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Epur I.V. , Balanov A.A.

Species composition of ichthyoplankton of the Eastern part of the Far East Marine Biosphere Reserve in May and July, 2008

Year: 2011, Number: 1, Pages: 111-120

Ichthyoplankton surveys performed in May and July, 2008 in the eastern part of the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve revealed eggs, larvae and juveniles of 33 fish species belonging to 17 families and 28 genera. In May, the greatest species diversity was observed in the families Cottidae (7 species), Agonidae (5) and Stichaeidae (3). Larvae and juveniles of winter-spawning fishes Eleginus gracilis, Myoxocephalus brandtii and M. jaok dominated. In July, the Scorpaenidae (3 species) exhibited the highest species diversity. Among larvae and juveniles, the larvae of Engraulis japonicus were the most common. Eggs of Cololabis saira were the most abundant due to the intensive spawning of this species.

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