Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Perepelkina P.A., Dubrovina M.V. , Vozmischeva A.S.

Spatial structure of broad-chernopihtovyh of Nature Reserve "Kedrovaya Pad"

Year: 2011, Number: 1, Pages: 55-65

Species composition and spatial distribution of stand chernopihtovogo broadleaved forests. Each stage is characterized by differentiated horizontal structure. Horizontal distribution of seedlings depends on the structure of the upper tiers of the stand. Patchiness of the lower tiers due to the ratio of different species to the light. The resumption of a number of tree species is confined to the windows of the first tier. Under the influence of rare grass-roots fire for the communities of this type is characterized by gradual replacement of indigenous tree species for small-leaved maple, resulting in the change of mixed coniferous-deciduous forests less valuable, maple.

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