A new subfamily of the Rhaphidophoridae (Orthoptera: Stenopelmatoidea), with description of a new species of the genus Anoplophilus Karny, 1931 from Korea

Storozhenko S.Yu., Paik J.-Ch.

В журнале Zootaxa

Год: 2010 Том: 2421 Страницы: 49-60

A new subfamily Anoplophilinae Storozhenko & Paik subfam. nov. of the Rhaphodophoridae is established for two genera, Anoplophilus Karny, 1931 (type genus) and Alpinanoplophilus Ishikawa, 1993, distributed in Japan and Korea. Keys to the subfamilies of the Rhaphidophoridae and the genera of the new subfamily are provided. An annotated list of known genera and species of the Anoplophilinae is given. Anoplophilus koreanus Storozhenko & Paik sp. nov. is described from Korea.