CDPK gene expression in salt tolerant rolB and rolC transformed cell cultures of Panax ginseng

Kiselev K.V., Grishchenko O.V., Zhuravlev Y.N.

В журнале Biologia Plantarum

Год: 2010 Том: 54 Выпуск: 4 Страницы: 621-630

CDPKs (calcium-depended protein kinases) are of great importance for the activation of defense reactions in plants. In this study, we aimed to find a connection between CDPK expression and increased salt tolerance in Panax ginseng. Treatment of P. ginseng cell cultures with W7 (CDPK protein inhibitor) showed that CDPK proteins were necessary for salt tolerance. Expression of PgCDPK1c, PgCDPK2c and PgCDPK4a was significantly increased in the cells treated with 60 mM NaCl compared to control cells, whereas expression of PgCDPK1b and PgCDPK3a was decreased. In the NaCl-treated cells, new CDPK transcripts also appeared (PgCDPK3c, PgCDPK4as). We also used rolC and rolB transformed cultures and the effects of the rol genes on CDPK expression were similar to the effects of salt stress: they caused a significant increase in the expression of PgCDPK1c, PgCDPK2c, and PgCDPK4a and decreased expression of PgCDPK3a, in addition to the appearance of the “short” CDPK transcripts.

DOI 10.1007/s10535-010-0112-1

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