Orthoptera of Korea.

Storozhenko S.Yu., Paik J.-Ch.

Год: 2007

This book is the review of the fauna of the order Orthoptera of Korea. The history of inves¬ti¬gation is observed; the data on morphology, classification, and distribution of Korean orthopterans are given. In special part the keys to 7 superfamilies, 12 families, 29 subfamilies, 51 tribes, 106 genera, and 169 species, as well as the diagnosis of taxa are given. One new species is described. One subspecies is newly considered as a good species. Two species are newly synonymized. Seven species are excluded from the list of Korean Orthoptera. This book will be interesting for biologists, entomologists, and specialists in bio¬geo¬g¬raphy and nature preservation, teachers and students of the universities and colleges. Ill. 638, bibl. 434.