The study of larch hybrid complex in Primorski Krai (Russian Federation) by RAPD markers

Levina E.A., Adrianova I.Yu., Kozyrenko M.M., Artyukova E.V., Reunova G.D.

В издании Larix 2007: International Symposium of the IUFRO Working Group S2.02.07 (Larch Breeding and Genetic Resources)

Год: 2007 Страницы: 71-74

The southern part of Russian Far East (Primorski Krai) is the convenient region to research the hybridization processes inherent in larches of this region in high degree. Twenty one populations that presented the morphologically distinct species (L. sibirica, L. gmelinii, L. cajanderi, L. kamtschatica, L. kaempferi, L. olgensis), the hybrid species (L. amurensis, L. komarovii, L. ochotensis), and larch samples from L. olgensis areal in Primorski Krai were studied using RAPD markers. As it follows from UPGMA analysis the populations from L. olgensis areal were clustered together with hybrid species populations. The morphologically distinct species were sequentially associated with mentioned above cluster. Surprisingly, L. olgensis that is considered as one of the parents of the hybrid species under study was placed far from them. L. kaempferi was distanced from all studied taxons. Our results shows that presumably all studied L. olgensis areal populations and the hybrid species populations represent together the multiple species complex formed in the result of long-term succession of introgressive hybridization.

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