Cytological analysis of the response of nucleolar RNA and RNA-binding proteins to oxidative stress in hela cells

Mironova A.A., Barykina N.V., Zatsepina O.V.

В журнале Cell and Tissue Biology

Год: 2014 Том: 8 Номер: 6 Страницы: 461-472

The organization and functional activity of the nucleoli in mammalian cells can alter in response to various stress stimuli. However, data on the nucleoli reaction to oxidative stress are limited. In this work, we studied localization of the nucleolar RNA and two RNA-binding proteins, the pre-rRNA processing factor fibrillarin and preribosome assembly factor nucleophosmin/B23, in HeLa cells exposed to 1 mM H2O2 up to 4 h. We have shown that, under these conditions, H2O2 does not induce cell death but inhibits rDNA transcription, reduces the total amount of RNA and 18S rRNA in nucleoli, and causes relocalization of fibrillarin and nucleophosmin/B23 to the nucleoplasm. Similar changes in fibrillarin localization have to date been described in mammalian cells only after HgCl2 treatment. Redistribution of nucleophosmin/B23 observed in H2O2-treated cells has occurred in mammalian cells under inhibition of rDNA transcription and early rRNA processing. In general, this study shows that there is a high sensitivity of nucleoli in HeLa cells to acute oxidative stress at the cytological level.

DOI 10.1134/S1990519X14060054