Phylogenetic position of the genus Alulacris (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Melanoplinae: Podismini) revealed by complete mitogenome evidence

Xu H., Mao, B., Storozhenko S.Y., Huang Y., Chen Z., Huang J.

В журнале Insects

Год: 2021 Номер: 12 Выпуск: 918 Страницы: 1-19

The phylogenetic position of the genus Alulacris is clarified based on complete mitogenome evidence. The results show that Alulacris consistently has the closest relationship to the genus Yunnanacris of the subfamily Melanoplinae in all phylogenetic trees and is extremely similar to Yunnanacris yunnaneus (Ramme, 1939) morphologically. Therefore, the genus Alulacris is transferred here from Catantopinae incertae sedis to the nominal subtribe Podismina of the tribe Podismini sensu Ito (2015) of the subfamily Melanoplinae.

DOI 10.3390/insects12100918