New species of the genera Cranae and Lucretilis (Orthoptera: Acrididae) from Indonesia with taxonomic notes on the tribe Cranaeini

Storozhenko S.Yu.

В журнале Zoosystematica Rossica

Год: 2020 Номер: 29 Выпуск: 2 Страницы: 267-277

Three species are described from Indonesia, namely Cranae lolobatensis sp. nov. (Halmahera Island), C. ferwillemsei sp. nov. (New Guinea Island) and Lucretilis balikpapan sp. nov. (Borneo Island = Kalimantan). Position of the genera Lucretilis Stål, 1878 and Cranae Stål, 1878 in the modern classification of grasshoppers is discussed. First genus belongs to the nominative tribe of the subfamily Oxyinae. The genera Cranae, Cranaella Ramme, 1941, Craneopsis C. Willemse, 1933, Opiptacris Walker, 1870, Paracranae C. Willemse, 1931, Phalaca I. Bolívar, 1906, Philicranae C. Willemse, 1955 are placed in the tribe Cranaeini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893, stat. resurr. This tribe is transferred here from Oxyinae to the subfamily Hemiacridinae based on following characters: ventral genicular lobes of hind femora without spine; epiphallus bridge-like, not divided into two symmetric halves; zygoma apically with deep excision; valves of penis completely divided into basal and apical ones, and flexure between them absent.

DOI 10.31610/zsr/2020.29.2.267