Antitumor Activity of Fascaplysin Derivatives on Glioblastoma Model In Vitro

Lyakhova I. A., Bryukhovetsky I. S., Kudryavtsev I. V., Khotimchenko Yu. S., Zhidkov M. E., Kantemirov A. V.

В журнале Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

Год: 2018 Том: 164 Номер: 5 Страницы: 666–672

Antitumor efficiency of fascaplysin synthetic derivatives (7-phenylfascaplysin, 3-chlorofascaplysin, 3-bromofascaplysin, and 10-bromofascaplysin) was compared out in vitro on C6 glioma cells. The cytotoxic efficiency of all tested compounds was higher than that of unsubstituted fascaplysin; 3-bromofascaplysin and 7-phenylfascaplysin exhibited the best capacity to kill glioma C6 cells. Apoptosis was the main mechanism of glioma cell death. The cytotoxic activity of these compounds increased with prolongation of exposure to the substance and increase of its concentration. Fascaplysin derivatives modified all phases of glioma cell vital cycle. The count of viable tumor cell in G0 phase remained minimum by the end of experiment under the effects of 3-bromofascaplysin and 7-phenylfascaplysin. © 2018, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.

DOI 10.1007/s10517-018-4055-4