Endoparasite diseases of wild boars in the Primorsky krai, Russia (2017-2019)

Belov Yu.A., Tabakaeva T.V., Shchelkanov E.M., Titova A.R., Pankratov D.V., Suroviy A.L., Volkov Yu.G., Kakareka N.N., Sapotskiy M.V., Galkina I.V., Shchelkanov M.Yu.

В издании 2nd International Conference on Northeast Asia Biodiversity (Baishan, China; August 27-31, 2019): Abstract

Год: 2019 Страницы: 26

Wild boars in Primorsky krai are the hosts for a number of endoparasites, and can be a source of the threat for human endoparasitic diseases.

Permanent Monitoring Program of wild animals (PMPWA) supporting by Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences together with Administration of Primorsky krai is carrying out in the Southern part of the Russian Far East since 2016. Investigation of endoparasitic diseases among wild boar (Sus scrofa) populations is one of the directions of PMPWA. In that period 112 fecal and stomach samples were taken during hunting of wild boars (6 moth – 8 years old) and examined for the presence of endoparasites. Coproovoscopy with concentrated zinc sulphate solution was utilized for fecal samples, microcopy – for the stomach ones.

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