Ecological and virological monitoring of vegetables, ornamental crops and wild plants in the Southern part of the Russian Far East

Tolkach V.F., Kakareka N.N., Volkov Yu.G., Tabakaeva T.V., Shchelkanov M.Yu.

В издании 2nd International Conference on Northeast Asia Biodiversity (Baishan, China; August 27-31, 2019): Abstract

Год: 2019 Страницы: 25

Recently the phytosanitary situation in the plantings of major vegetables (cabbage, melons, green crops, etc.) and ornamental plants is stably critical in the South part of the Russian Far East. Nevertheless, it is possible to predict outbreaks of dangerous epiphytoties that is confirmed by our data obtained during ecological and virological examination of plants (2001-2018).

The exchange of seed material from different regions of Russia and foreign countries had been increasing; cases of unauthorized import of seed material that has not passed the purity control have become more frequent. Thus, entered quarantine pests, virus diseases, previously not appeared in the Far East. Their invasions are characterizing by scale and intensity, which is a real threat for agrobiocenoses.

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