Variety of viruses affecting natural flora of North-Eastern Asia

Volkov Yu.G., Kakareka N.N., Kozlovskaya Z.N., Shchelkanov M.Yu.

В издании North-East Asia Biodiversity: Abstract Book of the 1-st International Conference (Vladivostok, Russia; September 17-21, 2018)

Год: 2018 Страницы: 88-89

Viral diseases of wild plant species, which may serve as reservoirs of infection for cultivated plants, have been monitored in the Far East since 1962. Nowadays, more than 200 viruses were documented. Representatives of Fabaceae and Asteraceae are the most virophylic. In laboratory studies, using various diagnostic methods, viral etiology has been proven for more than 40 diseases of wild plant species. The study of biological, physical, chemical, and immunological properties of a number of viruses made it possible to identify new viruses and strains belonging to different taxa.

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