Molecular-genetic identification of two Paramushir virus (Bunyavirales, Nairoviridae, Orthonairovirus) strains isolated on the Tyuleniy Island in the Okhotsk Sea

Shchelkanov M.Yu., Dedkov V.G., Khafizov K.F., Safonova M.V., Matsvay A.D., Speranskaya A.S., Ayginin A.A., Shchelkanov E.M., Dolgova A.S., Kakareka N.N., Pimkina E.V., Galkina I.V., Shipulin G.A.

В издании North-East Asia Biodiversity: Abstract Book of the 1-st International Conference (Vladivostok, Russia; September 17-21, 2018)

Год: 2018 Страницы: 74-75

Viruses were isolated using intracerebrally inoculated newborn mice. Two strains of Paramushir virus (PMRV) (Bunyavirales, Nairoviridae, Orthonairovirus) were obtained: PMRV/Ixodes uriae/Russia/Tyuleniy Island/133/2015 and PMRV/Ixodes uriae/Russia/Tyuleniy Island/137/2015. PMRV-133 and PMRV-137 strain nucleic acid sequences were submitted to GenBank under accession numbers MH124637, MH124638 and MH124634-MH124636, respectively. Phylogenetic analysis showed that both sequenced strains were closely related to PARV LEIV-1149K strain within the Sakhalin virus subgroup.

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