A New Genus of Pygmy Locusts (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae: Cladonotinae) from the Malay Peninsula

Storozhenko S.Yu., Pushkar T.I.

В журнале Annales Zoologici

Год: 2017 Том: 67 Номер: 1 Страницы: 47-53

The monotypic genus Hancockitettix Storozhenko et Pushkar, gen. Nov. (type species Hancockitettix humeratus Storozhenko et Pushkar, sp. Nov.) from the Malay Peninsula is described. A new genus belongs to the subfamily Cladonotinae. It resembles the genera Hancockella Uvarov, 1940 from India and Austrohancockia Günther, 1938 from China, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam in the general body appearance, in the large lobules on the upper and lower margins of the fore and mid femora, and in the relatively narrow scutellum, but differs from them by the presence of fully developed tegmen, hind wing and tegminal sinus, by the triangular plate-like projected shoulder of pronotum, and by the considerable distance between the most outstanding parts of shoulders which exceeds the pronotum lobe width (in other mentioned genera the hind wing and tegminal sinus are absent, the tegmen is absent or rudimentary, lateral side of shoulder is broadly rounded or obtusely angular, and the distance between shoulders is less than the pronotum lobe width).

DOI 10.3161/00034541ANZ2017.67.1.006