New species of the genus Rhopalotettix Hancock, 1910 (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae, Metrodorinae) from Vietnam

Storozhenko S.Yu.

В журнале Zoosystematica Rossica

Год: 2015 Том: 24 Номер: 1 Страницы: 90-93

Rhopalotettix vietnamensis sp. nov. is described from Vietnam. The new species is similar to R. chinensis Tinkham, 1939 in a distinct median carina of the fastigium (in all the other congeners, median carina is absent) and differs from the latter species by the rostrum with almost parallel lateral sides and by a narrow tegmen, visible part of which is 2.3 times narrower than mid femur (in R. chinensis, rostrum with the lateral sides gradually converging to the acute apex, and visible part of tegmen is almost as broad as mid femur).

DOI 10.31610/zsr/2015.24.1.90