New and little-known taxa of the tribe Diestramimini (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae: Aemodogryllinae) from Southeast Asia

Gorochov A.V., Storozhenko S.Yu.

В журнале Zoosystematica Rossica

Год: 2015 Том: 24 Номер: 1 Страницы: 48-84

A new subgenus, 19 new species and two new subspecies are described from Vietnam, Laos and China: Tamdaotettix (Tamdaotettix) aculeatus sp. nov., T. (T.) flexus sp. nov., T. (T.) laocai sp. nov., T. (Laotettix subgen. nov.) tarasovi sp. nov., T. (L.) curvatus sp. nov., T. (L.) minutus sp. nov., T. (L.) inflatus sp. nov., T. (L.) sympatricus sp. nov., T. (T) robustus sp. nov., Gigantettix laosensis sp. nov., G. maximus auster subsp. nov., Diestramima hainanensis sp. nov., D. bispinosa sp. nov., D. hamata sp. nov., D. propria sp. nov., D. yunnanensis sp. nov., D. champasak sp. nov., Adiestramima adunca sp. nov., A. bella sp. nov., A. elongata sp. nov., A. perfecta hue subsp. nov. Previously unknown male of G. maximus maximus Gorochov, 1998 and imago of D. palpata (Rehn, 1906) are described on the base of a new material. New distributional data for some species are given.

DOI 10.31610/zsr/2015.24.1.48