N.S. Probatova

On Bromopsis Fourr. (Poaceae) In the south part of the Russian Far East

Year: 2017, Issue: LXV, Pages: 103 - 118

Taxonomy, distribution and karyotaxonomic situation within the grass genus Bromopsis Fourr. in the south part of the Russian Far East (Priamurye, Pri- morye, Sakhalin) is discussed. The low taxonomic diversity of Bromopsis in this part of the region is revealed, although this diversity slightly increases in Sakhalin. There is the only one diploid species in the Russian Far East – the North Pacific B. ciliata (L.) Holub (2n = 14): it occurs in Sakhalin, South Kurils and Kamchatka, but is scarcely represented in the rest of continental part where recorded only from near Nikolaevsk-on Amur and Magadan. Chro- mosome studies on the valley species B. flexuosa (Drobow) Tzvelev in different parts of the Amur River basin gave us the reason to assume that migrations of B. flexuosa were accompanied by polyploidization: from the Lower Amur (2n = 4x = 28) upstream to the Badzhal mountain ridge and to Amurskaya Oblast’ (2n = 8x = 56). B. probatovae Tzvelev (2n = 56) is endemic species of the east macroslope of Sikhote-Alin’ mountain ridge. The alien species B. Australis (Zherebina) Tzvelev et Prob. is reported for the first time in the Russian Far East (Evreyskaya Avtonomnaya Oblast, Khabarovskii Krai, Primorskii  Krai). Two possible new taxa of Bromopsis occur in high mountains of Amurskaya Oblast’ (Dusse-Alin’ Range) and in the east coast of Sakhalin Island.

DOI: 10.25221/kl.65.7

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