Chubar E.A.

Eclipta prostrata (Asteraceae): return to flora of the Primorye territory

Year: 2020, Issue: LXVIII, Pages: 80 - 85

A new find of Eclipta prostrata is reported in the Primorye Territory, in the coast of the Sivuch’ya Inlet of the Peter the Great Gulf, in the protection zone of the Far Eastern Marine Natural Reserve. This cosmopolitan species, with a pantropic range, is currently also widespread in many areas of the temperate zone and is often associated with the cultivation of irrigated crops. The native range has not been established; it comes either from tropical Asia or from America. In East Asia, as a weed adventitious species, it is registered in Japan, Korea, and China. First indicated for Vladivostok in 1932, but was not registered in the Primorye Territory for more than 50 years. As an invasive taxon, it is included in the Pacific Island Flora monitoring system (a Product of the Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk project, PIER).

DOI: 10.25221/kl.68.4

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