Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Petrov E.A., Kupchinsky A.B.

Calm behavior of the Baikal seal, Pusa sibirica (Gmelin, 1788), on coastal rookeries

Year: 2023, Number: 3, Pages: 53-74

We carried out an analysis of calm (comfortable, non-aggressive) behavior of the Baikal seal (Pusa sibirica) based on the study of video materials shot with a stationary camera for several seasons on one of the main coastal rookeries (Dolgiy Island, Ushkan Islands, Lake Baikal). An ethogram of calm behavior, including 16 main patterns, was compiled for this species for the fi rst time. We provide descriptions and examples of the main behavioral patterns, as well as some quantitative estimates of their application. The Baikal seal behavior is compared with behavior of other seals (mainly of the Phocidae family). Peaceful coexistence on rookeries takes up a signifi cant part of the Baikal seal’s daily time budget, and the need for proper rest is one of the main motivations for the formation of coastal rookeries.

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