Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Barabanshchikov E., Nazarov V.A., Prozorova L.A.

Preliminary assessment of current population status of the Sakhalin taimen, Parahucho perryi (Brevoort, 1856), in Primorsky Krai (Russia)

Year: 2023, Number: 2, Pages: 32-43

The Sakhalin taimen, Parahucho perryi, occurs along the sea coast of Primorsky Krai, but to date, self-reproducing populations have only been noted in the central and northern coastal regions between the Kievka R. in the south and the Samarga R. in the north. The Pacifi c Branch of VNIRO (TINRO) surveyed the Sakhalin taimen populations during the fi eld work in the north-east of Primorsky Krai in 2018–2022. New information about the current population status of the Sakhalin taimen has been obtained. On the basis of original and compiled data, a general increase in the abundance of the species in the rivers Edinka and Samarga including surrounding marine water areas was revealed. The presence of all size groups from underyearlings to large individuals weighing more than 20 kg was noted. These facts suggest that the living conditions and natural reproduction of the Sakhalin taimen in the area favor the growth of its populations. Since the situation in the southern regions is worse, an action plan has been proposed for conservation and restoration of the species populations in Primorsky Krai, the main point of which is the need to conduct a comprehensive study of the state of Sakhalin taimen populations.

DOI: 10.25221/2782-1978_2023_2_2

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