Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Averin A.A.

Modern mammal fauna of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and the Bastak Nature Reserve

Year: 2023, Number: 2, Pages: 5-31

Based on the literature and our own information, the most complete list of the modern theriofauna of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast was compiled, including 68 species and subspecies. Sixty species and subspecies are found in the Bastak Nature Reserve; 12 of which are listed in the Red Data Book of the region and two in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. Four species are new for the fauna of the reserve (Amur hedgehog, spotted deer, domestic dog and cat). Another addition is the synanthropic subspecies of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus norvegicus). For the first time, lists are given separately for the clusters of the reserve. Negative changes in the theriofauna of the JAO since the 1930s are described – introduction of eight alien species and subspecies and extinction of four native species and subspecies, three of which are included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation (Amur leopard, dhole, long-tailed goral).

DOI: 10.25221/2782-1978_2023_2_1

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