Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Skirina I.F., Skirin F.V., Rodnikova I.M.

Lichen species in need of protection in Primorsky Krai of the Russian Far East (for the regional Red Data Book update)

Year: 2023, Number: 1, Pages: 61-72

The list of lichen species in need of protection was revised for the new edition of the Red Data Book of Primorsky Krai. Changes in lichen taxonomy and additions to information on species ecology and distribution were taken into account. The updated list includes 56 lichen species. We justify the need to introduce 6 lichen species into the regional Red Data Book and exclude 16 lichen species. The following species are recommended to be included in the new regional Red Data Book: Scytinium lichenoides, Alectoria sarmentosa, Hypogymnia fujisanensis, Pyxine sibirica, Phaeophyscia pyrrhophora, Umbilicaria deusta. We propose to exclude the following lichens from the regional Red Data Book: Lichenomphalia hudsoniana, Vulpicida viridis, Parmotrema cetratum, Platismatia erosa, Platismatia glauca, Platismatia norvegica, Anzia colpodes, Hypogymnia metaphysodes, Hypogymnia submundata, Lobaria crassior, Lobaria isidiosa, Nephromopsis laureri, Nephromopsis pseudocomplicata, Nephromopsis pallesens, Cetrelia davidiana, Cetrelia nuda.

DOI: 10.25221/2782-1978_2023_1_3

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