Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Seledets V.P., Probatova N.S.

Ecology of coenopopulations of adventive Timothy grass Phleum pratense L. in southern Sakhalin (Russian Far East)

Year: 2022, Number: 1, Pages: 50-68

This paper presents ecological niche formation stages of an adventive Poaceae species, Timothy grass (Phleum pratense L.) which has widely expanded in southern Sakhalin. Climatic conditions on the western coast of southern Sakhalin are more favorable for this species’ naturalization. However, its ecological niche is developing more intensively on the eastern coast of the island, where the level of economic development is higher than on the western coast. This species’ example shows that when using invasive plant species for ecological assessment of habitats it is necessary to account for the economic development level of the territory. Areas with higher levels of development tend to correlate with a selection of more anthropotolerant individuals and formation of coenopopulations resistant to anthropogenic influences.

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