Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Maslova I.V., Akulenko M.V., Portnyagina E.Yu., Pokhilyuk N.Е., Rogashevskaya D.A.

Rare and endangered amphibians and reptiles of Primorsky Krai (Russian Far East)

Year: 2021, Number: 4, Pages: 102-121

One amphibian and five reptile species are going to be included into the upcoming edition of the Red Data Book of Primorsky Krai. This work provides data on distribution and population of these species, as well as their main threats. We indicate the need to exclude Imienpo Station frog Rana rugosa (=Glandirana emeljanovi) from the Red Data Book and provide justification for the inclusion of mountain grass lizard Takydromus wolteri into the Red Data Book. This work indicates that the protected areas of the Primorsky Krai are insufficient to effectively protect rare amphibians and reptiles, and that the Regional Red Data Book is an important instrument to preserve the remaining herpetofauna.

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