Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Brovko P.F., Gorbunov A.O., Dzen G.N.

About the National Park on Sakhalin Island

Year: 2021, Number: 2, Pages: 109-120

National parks are the most striking examples of specially protected areas that successfully combine the functions of preserving natural monuments, biodiversity, and the development of ecological tourism. Nine national parks were created on the continental part of the Far East — from Primorye to Chukotka. These territories are diverse in terms of the main tasks of their activity — from preserving a separate species of the Red Data Book representative of the fauna to supporting the traditional crafts of the local population. There has long been a need to organize a national park on Sakhalin Island, which has unique natural, cultural and historical monuments. The most favorable conditions for the creation of national park in the Southeast of Sakhalin Island within the Muravyevskaya Lowland and its mountainous framing. Three options of territorial distribution with national park’s area from 700 to 1300 km² are being considered.

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