Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Galanina I.A., Yakovchenko L.S.

Rinodina albertana Sheard in the Russian Far East

Year: 2021, Number: 2, Pages: 71-76

The presented work is based on the study of extensive material that authors collected in 2002–2008 in Primorye Territory (Khasanskiy and Ussuriyskiy districts). The study resulted in the first record of Rinodina albertana in mainland Eurasia. R. albertana is a rare species for Russia and Eurasia and just recently has been found in Northeast Asia. This is the second finding of this species in Russia and Northeastern Asia. Previous record of the species was on Sakhalin Island (Nevelskiy District) on bark of Populus sp. in a valley forest. The species was previously described from Canada, and also found in the USA. Before our discovery the species was considered endemic for North America. This study suggests it is the East Asian ― North American species with disjunct distribution. Rinodina albertana is well distinguished by its large Dirinaria-type spores and the presence of blastidia or marginal consoredia among all species found in Northeast Asia. Rinodina oleae is similar to R.albertana by its Dirinaria-type spores, but it has smaller spores (12.0) 15.0–16.5 (19.0)μm, and does not have blastidia or consoredia. In addition, thickenings of the spore septumof R. oleae are very difficult to see, whereas in R. albertana thickenings of the spore septumare perfectly distinguishable. The work also presents a brief description of the rare species R. albertana found in Primorye Territory.

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