Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Nikitina I.A.

Monitoring of seasonal migrations of Anseriformes in the Bolonsky Nature Reserve

Year: 2021, Number: 2, Pages: 15-24

This work presents the results of monitoring the seasonal migration of geese in Bolonsky Nature Reserve, along one of the largest migratory flyways for Arctic birds. We obtained representative data on the number of migratory geese during spring migration by recording passing geese for 1.5 months from two stationary points. Greater white-fronted goose was the most abundant of the six species observed. The maximum intensity of the spring migration reached 500 individuals / hour. Phenologically, the timing of migration coincided with the beginning of the growing season and the appearance of herbaceous vegetation on the reserve’s territory. Over the past five years the total number of migrating Anseriformes in the reserve did not decrease in spring, in contrast to autumn counts, which were also accompanied by significant flooding of the Lake Bolon wetlands.

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