Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Prozorova L.A.

New findings of hammerhead planarians (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Continenticola: Bipaliinae) on the Russian Far East

Year: 2021, Number: 1, Pages: 55-64

Land planarians Bipaliinae are first discovered in oak and mixed coniferous-broadleaved forests of the the Lazovsky Nature Reserve and Livadiysky Ridge. Сordon America of the Reserve at the latitude N 43° 15’ is the northern extreme record of both Asian land planarians and Bipaliinae. The planarians found are regarded to the genus Diversibipalium, uniting Bipaliinae of unknown status. Body length of live worms 14–30 mm, head lunate with moderate non-recurved auricles, body dark brown or lighter gray-brown, devoid of stripes on ventral surface. A distribution map for the Russian Far East land planarians is provided.

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