Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Reutova N.V., Reutova T.V., Dreeva F.R., Khutuev A.M., Kerimov A.A.

Peculiarities of the chemical composition of surface waters of the Prielbrusye National Park

Year: 2020, Number: 4, Pages: 95-113

Chemical composition of waters in rivers, waterfalls, springs and lakes located in the National Park was studied. Sampling was conducted annually from 2013 to 2018 during the period of intensive glacier melting (July). Concentration of heavy metals was analized by AAS method. Main ions we identified by capillary iontophoresis. Waters in studied waters objects, except for two mineral springs were found to be low-mineralized. The concentrations of calcium and magnesium in most water samples were lower than these recommended for drinking water. Concentration of sodium and chlorine ions is also extremely low. The waters studied are significantly contaminated with some trace elements. Concentrations of copper and zinc everywhere exceed the maximum permissible levels for fisheries reservoirs. Two springs on the Elbrus slope are found to be extremely contaminated with arsenic, exceeding twice MAC for drinking water. Significant aluminum contamination is most likely associated with the modern volcanism in the Elbrus neovolcanic area. That may pose a threat to health for local people.

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