Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Vizer L.S., Vizer A.M., Kabiev T.A.

Zooplankton of the Chany Lake (Novosibirsk Region)

Year: 2020, Number: 4, Pages: 39-50

In 2018, 33 species of Cladocera, Copepoda and Rotufera were found in Lake Chany. Maximum species diversity is found in central mesogaline part of the lake (20 species), minimum diversity — in the freshwater part near river mouthes (12 species). No common vere found in oligohaline and mesogalline parts of the lake. Species Daphnia longispina O. F. Müller and Chydorus sphaericus O. F. Müller dominate in freshwater part of the lake, Diaptomussa linus Daday, Simocephalus vetulus (O. F. Müller), D. longispina and Ceriodaphnia reticulata (Jur.) — in transitional zone between oligohaline to mesogalinous parts, S. vetulus and D. salinus — in mesogaline part. Zooplankton abundance in Lake Chany is 70 ind/m3 — 307 k ind/m3 with average density 234 ind/m3. The biomass of zooplankton in this eutrophic lake is 2.6–22.1 g/m3. Cladocera prevails in zooplankton of the lake, This groups reaches 73,4 % of density and 14,2 г/м3 in biomass.

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