Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Ezhkin A.K.

Lichens of the Natural Monument "Highlands of Chekhov Mountain", Sakhalin Island

Year: 2020, Number: 4, Pages: 25-38

The list of 215 lichen species for the Natural Monument "Highlands of Chekhov Mountain" on Sakhalin Island is presented. The protected territory occupies highlands in the south part of the Sakhalin Island and covers Susunaisky Mountain floristic area. Species diversity of lichens is very high in the region because different vertical zones are dwelled by different species complexes. Eight lichen species from the Red Data Book of the Sakhalin Region are revealed on the studied area: Coccocarpia palmicola, Dolichousnea diffracta, Hypogymnia hypotrypa, Hypogymnia fragillima, Leptogium hildenbrandii, Lobaria pulmonaria, Menegazzia terebrata and Nephromopsis ornata. Photos for protected lichen species are provided.

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