Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Volkova T.V., Klyshevskaya S.V.

The plant parasitic root-nematodes in Ussuri Nature Reserve

Year: 2020, Number: 3, Pages: 3-15

Plant nematodes fauna is shown by ecological-faunistic analyses in coniferous broadleaved in Ussuriisky reserve on Russian Far East. 44 species from Tylenchoidea, Hoplolaimoidea, Criconematoidea are determined. Rotylenchus feroxcis, Criconemoides pleriannulatus and C. informis are dominant. Приводятся данные об уровне кислотности и содержании тяжелых металлов в почвах заповедника. Data on the level of acidity and the content of heavy metals in the reserve's soils are provided.

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