Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Borisova I.G., Stupnikova T.V., Pavlova K.P., Dudov S.V., Podolsky S.A.

“Tokinskiy” Nature Reserve (Zakaznik): physical-geographical essay

Year: 2020, Number: 2, Pages: 103-120

“Tokinskiy” Nature Reserve (Zakaznik) was created in 2010 in the northern territory of the Amur Region. The climate is harsh, excessively humid with altitude-exposure patterns. Tokinskiy Stanovik is highland (2100–2400 m). It experiences modern uplifts and is composed of granitoids and gneisses with lenses of calciphyres and marbles. The peculiarity of Tokinskiy Stanovik is Pleistocene volcanism of fissure and central types. The soils of the reserve are unique. Here there are soils such as sod and brown, which are not typical for the cryolithic zone. The fauna and flora of the reserve are poorly studied. There are three altitudinal zones of vegetation: alpine (golets), subalpine and taiga. According to preliminary data, the list of vas-cular plants includes about 530 species, of which 26 are protected and rare species. From 224 to 237 species of subaerial vertebrates can inhabit in the reserve. These are 32–45 species of mammals, 181 species of birds, 1 species of reptiles, 2 species of amphibians, 8 species of fish.

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