Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Yavorskaya N.M.

“Bolshekhekhtsirsky” Nature Reserve (Short Review)

Year: 2020, Number: 2, Pages: 85-102

“Bolshehekhtsirsky” Nature Reserve is organized in 1963. It is located in Khabarovsk Territory in 15–20 km to the South of Khabarovsk City, on the right bank of Ussuri River at the inflow of the Amur River, within the mountain range Bolshoy Khekhtsir, has the area of 45 thousand hectares. Mountain, foothill and flat terrain types of locality are presented in the reserve. Maximum vibration amplitude of the altitudes exceeds 900 m above the sea level. The river network is well developed. Climate of the region of reserve is included in the area of the Pacific monsoonal climate of the middle latitudes. The average long-term annual air temperature is +1,6 °С, the bare minimum is –48 °С; the average long-term annual precipitation 605 mm, more than 80 % from them falls out in the warm season. Various breeds of broad-leaved, coniferous-broad-leaved and dark-coniferous forests are widely represented. The most characteristic species are Ayansky spruce, Korean cedar, Amur linden, Mongolian oak, Manchurian ash, birch, aspen of David, spirea, sedge, mock and cornflowers. The fauna of the nature reserve includes representatives of the Manchurian, Okhotsk-Kamchatsky, Angarsky and Dauro-Mongolian faunal complexes, and species widely represented in the Palearctic and Holarctic. Common species are Noble deer, sable, Himalayan bear, wild boar, red-gray vole, chipmunk, wood mouse, hazel grouse, great-spotted and white-backed woodpeckers, nuthatch, black-faced bunting, Lagovsky minnow, Amur ide, Amur pike, various kinds of butterflies swallowtails, may-flies, stone-flies, caddis-flies and chironomids.

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