Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Darman Yu.A., Karakin V.P., Surmach S.G., Chubar E.A.

New territory of national park “Land of the Leopard” — the cluster “Gamovskiy”

Year: 2020, Number: 2, Pages: 63-84

The Gamovskiy cluster of the national park “Land of the Leopard” was established at the South of Khasanskiy district, Primorye Territory on 6928 hectares by the initiative of ANO “Far Eastern leopards”. This is the model for development of deer farming and ecological tourism with the aim of the of Amur leopard conservation. The flora consists of 639 vascular plants, including 27 rare species. They were registered 85 nesting birds, including 7 species from Russian Red Data Book, and 33 mammals, including 7 rare species.

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