Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Gorbunova T.L.

The saprobity of the rivers of Sochi National Park

Year: 2020, Number: 2, Pages: 49-62

The rivers of the Sochi National Park were explored. Macrozoobenthos organisms were used as bioindicators. The indicators of biotic indices, saprobity index and indicators of biological diversity of communities of organisms of river benthos and periphyton were compared. It was determined that the most informative bio-indicator for these water bodies is the saprobity index. For the first time on the water bodies of the region, the BBI (Belgian Biotic) Index was tested. An analysis of the saprobity of the studied reservoirs showed that the rivers Sochi (estuary) and Khosta are the most polluted; they belong to the β-mesosaprobic zone - moderately dirty. According to the saprobity index, the Mzymta River refers to β-mesosaprobic rivers; the Woodivissa index refers the Mzymta River to clean water. The saprobity index and the Woodiviss biotic index during the study period characterize the rivers Sochi (Plastunka), Psezuapse and Laura as oligosaprobic clean reservoirs with a high level of dissolved oxygen.

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