Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Ezhkin A.K.

Lichens of the “Lagunoozernyy Relict forest” Protected Area on Kunashir Island

Year: 2020, Number: 2, Pages: 38-48

The list of 141 lichen species for the protected area “Lagunoozernyi relic forest” on Kunashir Island is given in the article. The protected territory represents an area of old-grows mixed coniferous broad-leaved forest with rare and relic trees. Eight species of lichen from the given list are new for Kunashir Island – Cliostomum griffithii, Graphis rikuzensis, Heterodermia pseudospeciosa, Hypogymnia pulverata, Lobaria meridionalis, Nephroma parile, Ochrolechia xanthostoma, Varicellaria velata. Ten species included in the list of protected objects of Sakhalin Region were found on the studied territory. Photos for protected lichen species are provided in the paper.

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