Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Zharikova E.A., Golodnaya O.M.

"Khankaiskiy" Nature Reserve (Short Review)

Year: 2020, Number: 1, Pages: 115-124

Khankaiskiy Nature Reserve (Zapovednik) was established in 1990, December, 28, it is a part of the wetland complex of international importance (Ramsar Convention). It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2005. The main task is to preserve the natural complexes of the Prikhankaiskaya plain. The flora of the reserve and its protection zone includes 713 species of vascular plants and 216 species of algae. The number of vertebrate animals is 491 species: 1 cyclostomes, 73 fish species, 6 amphibian and reptile species, 360 bird species and 45 mammal species. 60 species of rare vertebrate animals, 13 species of rare plants and 2 13 species of rare fungi listed in the Red Book of Russia (2001).

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