Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Ryabushko L.I., Bondarenko A.V. , Balycheva D.S.

Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Black Sea Coast of Crimea

Year: 2019, Number: 2, Pages: 117-135

Data on some especially protected territories in the South of Russia in the Crimea including partly and sea areas of the Black Sea are presented. These are ornithological branch of the Crimean Nature Reserve Lebyazh'i ostrova and zoological Bay of Kazachya approved on the basis of the State Oceanarium to protect the fauna complex of the coastal area Kazachya Bay, the Martyan Cape Reserve and the pearl of the Crimea, Karadag Nature Reserve. They were established to protect the unique land flora and fauna, and partially inhabitants of the adjacent water area. And they were represented by rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The purpose and objectives of these protected areas are to study and protect the unique natural monuments, terrestrial and underwater fauna and flora, rare and endemic species that are included in the Red Lists, the Red Books of Europe, Russia and the Crimea. These Reserves in the Crimea play an important scientific, environmental, educational and aesthetic role for different levels of the population and visiting tourists. For each Reserve, the occupied sizes of terrestrial areas and marine areas are given. According to the results of the inventory of animals and plants, the number of their species is indicated, as well as some meager information about the insufficiently studied microalgae of plankton and benthos of the seas.

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