Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Linnik E.V.

Herbarium of the Nature Reserve (Zapovednik) Kurilsky

Year: 2019, Number: 1, Pages: 23-48

The article presents a brief analysis of the history of the herbarium and its present state. The year of the foundation of the herbarium of the natural reserve "Kurilsky" should be considered 1971. The article contains the list of species of vascular plants collected in the southern Kurile Islands: Kunashir, Shikotan, Polonsky, Zeleny, Demina, Tanfilyeva, Yury. To date, the herbarium of the natural reserve "Kurilsky" holds 1333 samples, 542 species of vascular plants, representing 336 genera and 111 families. Differences between the lists of island flora species and herbarium species are indicated in article. There are six plant species in the herbarium which were collected in the Kuril Islands but were not included in the flora list of the natural reserve: Saxifraga merkii, Physalis sp., Matricaria discoidea, Hordeum jubatum, Pinus sylvestris, Aira caryophyllea. Floristic diversity of the southern Kuril Islands is presented in Statistical comparison with the number of samples in the herbarium. Out of 147 families of vascular plants of Kunashir Island 110 are represented in the herbarium, which is 75%. The flora of Lesser Kuril Ridge presents in herbarium in a less degree. The herbarium is stored in the administrative building of the Nature Reserve "Kurilsky" in the settlement Yuzhno-Kurilsk (Sakhalin Region) and available for study wide range researchers.

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