Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Kyul E.W., Dzhappuev D.R.

Geoecological state of mountain landscapes in avalanche prone areas of the National Park «Prielbrusye»

Year: 2018, Number: 1, Pages: 71-91

The article discusses the effect of avalanches on the state of mountain landscapes Prielbrusye (in the border of the National Park). When assessing the disturbance of landscapes were used geoecological approach was seen as a geographical component, i.e., the changing landscapes of dangerous natural processes, and ecological (the impact of human activities on the landscape).To assess given a complete characterization of avalanche activity with the allocation of natural-anthropogenic geosystems. During a detailed field survey of the chosen avalanche geosystems with the avalanche of complex engineering structures that are recreational area of the National Park «Prielbrusye», carried out component-wise landscape (topography and vegetation) analysis: identified the main landscape zones of the South of Prielbrusye with the leading types of landscape, natural process, and land use. On the basis of interpretation of satellite imagery and field surveys was given areal assessment of the interaction of landscapes and the leading type of dangerous process – snow avalanches. Recommendations on the safe from avalanches development of the study area.

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