Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Mochalova O.A., Khoreva M.G.

Rare and Protected Species of Vascular Plants from the Nature Reserve «Magadanskiy»

Year: 2017, Number: 2, Pages: 122-141

On the territory of Nature Reserve «Magadanskiy» 672 species and subspecies of vascular plants are grown. Among them 53 species are included to the Red Book of Magadan Region, about a half of 105: Allium ochotense Prokh., Botrychium robustum (Rupr.) Underw., Calla palustris L., Cacalia auriculata DC., Cardamine pedata Regel et Til., Cassiope lycopodioides (Pall.) D. Don, Cinna latifolia (Trev.) Griseb., Circaea alpina L., Clematis fusca Turcz., Cryptogramma acrostichoides R. Br., Dactylorhiza aristata (Fisch. ex Lindl.) Soó, Danthonia riabuschinskii (Kom.) Kom., Drosera anglica Huds., Equisetum hyemale L., Filipendula camtschatica (Pall.) Maxim., Gentiana triflora Pall., Glyceria lithuanica (Gorski) Gorski, Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br., Hammarbya paludosa (L.) O. Kuntze, Helictotrichon davuricum (Kom.) Kitag., Iris laevigata Fisch. et C. A. Mey., Isoёtes asiatica (Makino) Makino, Lemna trisulca L., L. turionifera Landolt, Listera cordata (L.) R. Br., Lobelia sessilifolia Lamb., Lycopodium juniperoideum Sw., Magadania victoris (Schischk.) M. Pimen. et Lavrova, Matteuccia struthiopteris (L.) Tod., Melica nutans L., Moneses uniflora (L.) A. Gray, Myrica tomentosa (DC.) Aschers. et Graebn., Naumburgia thyrsiflora (L.) Reichenb., Nuphar pumila (Timm) DC., Nymphaea tetragona Georgi, Oxycoccus palustris Pers., Pennelianthus frutescens (Lamb.) Crosswhite, Persicaria amphibia (L.) S. F. Gray, Picea obovata Ledeb., Platanthera tipuloides (L. fil.) Lindl., Polystichum lonchitis (L.) Roth, Potamogeton compressus L., P. gramineus L., P. natans L., Rheum compactum L., Sagittaria natans Pall., Salix magadanensis Nedoluzhko, S. pyrolifolia Ledeb., Saxifraga derbekii Sipl., Scheuchzeria palustris L., Scutellaria ochotensis Probat., Senecio cannabifolius Less., Sparganium emersum Rehm., Stellaria bungeana Fenzl, Streptopus amplexifolius (L.) DC., Trautvetteria japonica Siebold et Zucc., Vahlodea flexuosa (Honda) Ohwi, Veronica humifusa Dicks. Besides, 7 very rare plants (Ceratophyllum demersum L, Chrysosplenium rimosum Kom., Corallorhiza trifida Chatel., Elatine spathulata Gorski, Potamogeton maackianus A. Benn., Taraxacum magadanicum Tzvel., Trichophorum alpinum (L.) Pers.), which are noted from the Reserve, are suggested for new edition of regional Red Book. Including species needing protection in the reserve reliably meet 60 rare plants, and 5 species are known from the buffer zone or require confirmation. Review the status of some species of the regional flora can reduce the proportion of "red-listed" species in the flora of the reserve, so the question of the development of a regional network of protected natural areas requires special attention. Distribution of rare species on five territorially separated parts is given. The most representative in rare plants are two clusters: Kava-Chelomdginsky cluster which has the largest area, and Yamsky mainland cluster which includes isolated "island" of Siberian spruce.

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