Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Kudrin S.G.

Nelumbo komarovii (Nelumbonaceae) distribution in Arkhara District of Amur Region

Year: 2017, Number: 2, Pages: 98-121

We observed populations of Nelumbo nucifera in the territory of the Arkhara district of the Amur region from 1988 to the present. 5 lakes with Lotus: Bol'shoe Peresheechnoe, Dal'ne-Elan'skoe, Krivoe near the village Sagibova, Tsvetochnoe, Krivoe near the Antonovskoe forestry reserve was known before the catastrophic floods in 1984; data on these lakes were obtained from our personal observations, by literature sources and by survey respondents. Lotus were observed in 14 lakes before to the catastrophic floods in 2013. Seven populations in six lakes of the study area died during the catastrophic floods in 2013. We have described in detail the processes of the emergence, recovery, and development of 33 new populations of Nelumbo nucifera in the lakes Arkharinsky district from 1983 to 2016. A large number of populations of a Lotus marked in the Dolgoe Lake. The favourable conditions were formed in Dolgoe Lake for seed dissemination and successful development. The development of most of the populations have the same trend: the expansion of the area, increasing the number of generative shoots and surface of the leaves.

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