Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Sayenko E.M., Kholin S.K.

Freshwater pearl mussels (Bivalvia: Margaritiferidae) of the Russian Far East

Year: 2017, Number: 2, Pages: 70-85

An overview of the distribution of the rare and endangered freshwater pearl mussels from genera Dahurinaia and Kurilinaia has been conducted on the basis of wide collection and literature data, with the identification of new habitats. Morphometric analysis of the shells of 6 Dahurianaia species inhabiting the mainland part of the range, notably the basins of the Amur, Ussuri, Razdolnaya rivers and the Khanka Lake, confirmed the presence of allometric growth in pearl mussel. It was shown such features as the height of the valve at the umbo and the convexity of the shell had the greatest discriminating significance.

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