Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Kepel A.A.

The finding of shipworm Teredo navalis Linnaeus, 1758 (Bivalvia: Teredinidae) settlement in Far Eastern Marine Reserve

Year: 2017, Number: 2, Pages: 21-26

The fauna of bivalve mollusks of the Far Eastern marine reserve has been studied quite well, but so far no settlements of woodworms have been found, although Teredinidae (Teredo and Bankia) larvae met small amounts in summer in the Southern region of the reserve. The ship worm Teredo navalis Linnaeus, 1758 was first discovered in 2016 on the Eastern region of the reserve in a cove in the north of the Bolshoy Pelis Island in wooden parts of the pier and in sunken wood at a depth of 4 m. The mollusks were mostly 15–30 (up to 45) mm in length, diameter of the body 2–3 (up to 5) mm. In addition to living mollusks, separate shells and pallets were found in burrows inside the tree. The height of these shells reached 5.9 mm, and the length of the pallets – up to 5.3 mm. Such sizes of shells and pallets can correspond to the length of the molluscs about 60 mm.

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