Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Shibaev Yu.V.

The autumn migration near Amurski bay (Cranes and others)

Year: 2017, Number: 1, Pages: 122-138

This is continuation of birds migration research, made by author in South Primorye in previous years. The place, east of «Kedrovaya Pad» reservation, is chosen, taking into account previous results, when the main route of cranes in region was defined. Fall migration information for cranes, birds of prey etc. is provided. Migration of all species has a transit character. Main migration parameters are provided: time periods, directions, dynamics, height, size of flocks, character and front of movement. Number of birds is estimated. Everything is more detailed for cranes, as a special attention object. As it turns out, east part of the reservation is an altitude gain zone for soaring birds. The reservation is located on a migration route for a number of species including rare. Place is convenient for observation. It makes sense to continue monitoring.

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