Biota and Environment of Natural Areas

Varlygina T.I. , Degtjareva G.V. , Efimov S.V. , Terentieva E.I.

Population Studies of the Orchids in the Reserve Kedrovaya Pad

Year: 2017, Number: 1, Pages: 67-82

17 species from the family Orchidaceae Jussieu, 1789 were studied. Analysis of the ITS sequences allowed to identify species with unclear taxonomic status belonging to the genus Liparis. The occurrence of 16 species from the family Orchidaceae are confirmed in the reserve using morphological and molecular methods.A new location of Pogonia japonica was discovered. The study of the age structure of populations from the family Orchidaceae showed that populations of Liparis kumokiri and L. japonica, Spiranthes sinensis, Pogonia japonica, Tulotis ussuriensis, T. fuscescens, Habenaria linearifolia and H. radiata were sustainable and of normal type. Populations of Liparis krameri and L. makinoana, Platanthera hologlottis, P. extremiorientalis and P. freynii were small but represented by individuals of various age. Neottia papilligera and N. asiatica, Cephalanthera longibracteata and Сypripedium macranthon were the most rare species in the observer area. Most species had good fruiting and renewal; which demonstrates a good perspective of development of the populations.

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